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About Toni Harris

As featured in the Reno Gazette-Journal

Owner and decorator, Toni Harris creates memories with her custom creations. She describes herself as a cake pop artist that goes beyond to incorporate cake truffles and custom chocolate designs among her unique products.

The Reno Gazette-Journal described her as a Reno woman who creates ‘couture’ cake pops.

Cake artistry

A history in my work

I’ve always loved the arts. As long as I can remember, a creative side has been fighting to get out. Since I spent time in my grandmother’s kitchen as she made pastries from scratch, I’ve enjoyed the social benefits of sharing pastries. We used to have a lot of family gatherings for which I was asked to make the desserts.

I dreamt of having cocktail parties and parties by the pool while I put those desserts together. I enjoyed it so much I started buying food magazines to emulate them. I held parties of my own which turned into coordinating weddings, birthday parties, and social gatherings for friends in addition to preparing dishes and desserts for each event.

Passionate work

I love helping others make meaningful events

I’m passionate for making the perfect cake pop, push cake, truffle cake, cupcake and cookies. I especially enjoy creating new designs and flavors. Though I don’t eat much candy, I love finding inventive ways to decorate my pops with candy.

I am always searching for that next level of creativity. I love when clients are looking for something new and come to me for a consultation. It means a lot to know their parties or events were special and successful because of my contributions.

Cake pops

The decadent world of delicous bites

My son Jaron introduced me to the amazing world of cake pops. I relish the idea of a cake on a stick and how much one can enjoy such a small treat and be so blissfully happy after just eating one. With my twins almost nearing college graduation and my daughter and her family in Chicago, it was time to take my passion and creativity to the next level. Sugar Rush was born with the sole vision of embracing the sweet savory treat in every bite.

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